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Application of equipment
This product can be used for dyeing, resin and other process mediums of pure cotton, chemical fiber and blended fabrics, and can keep a certain uniform rolling residual rate, for post-process treatment.。

Technical specifications
Nominal width:W(1800mm-3600mm)
Type:Left hand or right hand
Mechanical speed:30m-120m/min
Air pocket diameter:Φ32Omm
The roll diameter:Φ190-300mm
Roller surface material: nitrile rubber
Maximum line pressure:400N/cm-500N/cm
Maximum oil pressure:0.27MPa

Technical characteristics
1. The machine adopts imported rubber for uniform roll, durable, stable dyeing effect, reliable processing quality, with aging resistance, oil resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, bending resistance and other properties. The pressure on both sides of the uniform roll, the middle hydraulic pressure, the seals and bearings used in the internal use of the same kind of imported products are assembled, through strict inspection, the uniform roll sealing performance is good, the hydraulic stability, the use effect is significantly improved.
2. This machine adopts the high precision intelligent control liquid level system, can operate the performance is good, can display and arbitrarily sets the liquid level height. The liquid level control system functions in automatic operation. In fact, according to the amount of liquid carried by the fabric, the fresh liquid is constantly replenished in the feed tank. To ensure the stability of liquid level, the color difference of fabric caused by liquid level change is eliminated.
3. In order to keep the working pressure stable and ensure the oil circulation to work at normal temperature, the machine adopts imported oil cooler, oil pump and electric mechanism to create independent oil station, with stable oil pressure, no noise, dustproof and convenient maintenance.

The rolling characteristics of horizontal type two-roll uniform padder
(1) when the pressure load at both ends of the roll and the internal pressure oil force are exactly offset, the roll will not produce flexural deformation. See figure (a).
At this point the line pressure is uniform throughout the roll. The total pressure produced by the air bag is equal to the pressure produced by the pressure oil. P = PDL. The effect of uniform pad dyeing can be obtained.
(2) when the proportion of air pressure and oil pressure is not appropriate, the uniform roll will also produce flexural deformation.
As shown in figure (b), P > PDL fell. The pressure of the two ends of the roll is higher than that of the center.
Less than PDL, as shown in figure (c). The pressure of the two ends of the roll is lower than that of the center.
(3) if the pressure load at both ends of the roller is different, the line pressure at the higher end of the pressure will be greater than that at the other end. As shown in figure (d), one side is deep while the other side is shallow during pad dyeing.

Type of uniform padder ZN519 ZN522 ZN525 ZN530
Roll number 2 2 2 2
Nominal width(mm) 1600-2000 2200-2400 2600-3000 3200-3600
Roll diameter(mm) Φ190 Φ220 Φ250 Φ300
Maximum line pressure(N/mm) 15-50 12-50 12-50 12-50

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