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LMH528 TYPE OPEN-WIDTH SAND WASHUNG MACHINE_Jiangyin Zhennan Machinery Co.,Ltd
Zhennan products

Equipment use
This machine is applied to the open-width sand washing of the coating,composite,holt-stamping and other fabrics.

Main Technical Characteristics
1.Typet:Left hand or right hand(determined according to the cloth feeding);
2.The nominal width:1800mm;
3.The mechanical speed:15-70m/min.
4.Transmisson mode:AC variable frequency,synchronous control;
5.The installed capacity:About 77kw;
6.Pressure of steam supply:0.4Mpa;
7.Pressure of air supply:0.4Mpa
8.Supply water pressure:0.1Mpa

Equipment Features
The fabric is completely driven by the airflow,and therefore the unexpanded and contactless purposes in the drying process are really realized.The facric can be automatically extended in the hot air box and strongly shook up and down in the corrugated duct,and the surface of the fabric can be fully extended due to the effect of strong airflow.Thus,the fiber can be wriggled on the maximum limit,the hardening phenomenon of the fiber can be eliminated,the firction and tension between the fibers can be eliminated,and the hand fell,softness and bulkiness of the fabric can be improved to the maximum extent.
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