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ZN738 - W Three high oil pressure rolling mill_Jiangyin Zhennan Machinery Co.,Ltd
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Product application:
This product can be used as a combined machine unit, mainly used in cotton, chemical fiber and blended fabric dip pad auxiliary, water rolling and other processes, and make it can reach 30%~40% rolling surplus rate, shorten the subsequent drying and shaping time, reduce the energy consumption of steam and natural gas, save production cost, improve production efficiency.

Main technical features:
1. Type:Left hand or right hand;
2. The nominal width: 1800mm/3200mm;
3. Mechanical speed: maximum 70m/min;
4. Transmission mode: ac frequency conversion drive;
5. Oil number: No. 46 or No. 68 anti-wear hydraulic oil;
6. Rolling point pressure: 10~40T;
7. Host power: about 15 or 18 Kw;
8. Machine dimensions: about W+1500×1700×2200 (length × width × height), unit mm.

Attached pictures: schematic diagram of equipment appearance design

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